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How to Get High Without Weed
The effects of weed sound cool as it offers euphoria, relaxation, etc. But most are illegal, and above all, their consumption is accompanied by much less funny side effects: dependence, exclusion, serious health concerns, and risk of death, sometimes from the first intake. It does not sell dreams, which is why we at WeeDeeliver present […]
how to clean a grinder
How to Clean a Grinder? In the process of weed consumption, grinding is an essential step. As you grind your weed in a grinder, you also need to know how to clean the grinder to keep your weed equipment hygiene. There are many motives to keep your weed equipment clean. The ways which we at […]
Cornering a bowl
How to Corner a Bowl? Smoking etiquette varies everywhere. When it comes to smoke bowls, there are consistent and strict rules that we at WeeDeeliver are going to explain in this post. The etiquettes of smoking are different wherever you go. In some cultures, you frown when you “puff” and don’t pass, and in others […]
how to smoke hash
How to Smoke Hash? The word hashish comes from Arabic and translates as grass. It is also known as “grass” in slang jargon. Hash is made from the female parts of the cannabis plant. Mainly the inflorescences of the female plant are used in the production. These contain significantly more resin glands than the remaining […]
How to put honey on a blunt
How to Put Honey on a Blunt?  If you are experienced with marijuana culture, you probably have a great thought of what a simple joint consists of. Still, it might be confusing for all those new to the cannabis world to hear several of the most up-to-date terms used to describe distinctive techniques to utilize […]
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