Drinking Bong Water: Is it Good or Bad for Health?

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Drinking Bong Water: Bong water is undoubtedly one of the most disgusting liquids you have to deal with. After just a few herb heads, the previously freshwater quickly takes on an unpleasant odor, and the bong melts. If you don’t take care of the cleaning after a bong evening, the glass treasure quickly turns into a smelly something that you don’t even want to hand over to your greatest enemies.

However, it is different from dab sessions. Even after excessive consumption, the bong water remains clear and odorless, and there is no real sour cream. There is also no combustion, and only pure evaporated concentrate flows through the windings of the rig.

Drinking Bong Water

Does Drinking Bong Water Get You High?

Everything suffers from bong water, tastes high, and possibly your health. You spend so much of your money on high-quality cannabis products, but once you smoke it through a soapy bong, you are wasting it. The subtle flavors of the variables are replaced by mold and mushrooms.

These are living microorganisms that are in your drinking bong water. They thrive on the residues left after the chronic use. Their influence, begin to lead a life of their own, and become something called a bio-film. This is the name for the slimy layer of microorganisms that live on a swamp or possibly in your bong.

The creatures that live in the bio-film love warm and humid environments. Your lungs are a perfect place for mold and fungal spores. Through consumption, these spores can then get into your lungs and spread.

Regularly changing the bong water has many benefits, not just for taste and potency but also for health. Studies and researches reveal that water filtration is efficient at lessening compounds in smoke. Bong Water also helps keep the smoke cool and pliable. But what about the dirty water in the bong, and how unhealthy is it?

Can You Drink Bong Water?

The water that the bongs contain is a significant factor that you must consider since it can influence your experience, and of course, you want it to be the best. Bong water can change the taste of the smoke, making it much less pleasant. Don’t let that stinky smell and taste mix with the nuances of your cannabis.

In addition to influencing the taste of your smoke and what is unhygienic, using a bong when the water is dirty can also have negative consequences for your health since it is most likely that it has bacteria and is what you will be inhaling, so you shouldn’t take it so lightly.

Dirty Drinking Bong Water Affects – The Overall Experience

Long ago, savvy smokers knew that dirty bong water caused a buildup in the lungs. Now, with this research, there is evidence. But even if you don’t care about your lungs’ condition, you should do it for the overall experience.

When you smoke weed, you know that each strain has a different taste and subtle aroma. The compounds in cannabis called terpenes produce these alluring fragrances. Terpenes are the reason cannabis has different flavors. But if you don’t clean your bong, you will quickly find that nothing tastes good.

Final Thoughts on Drinking Bong Water

Changing the water in your bong continually is not the same as cleaning it; in fact, it is not something that you should necessarily do after each session; however, it is recommended by WeeDeeliver to clean it constantly so that the overall experience is more pleasant. How often you clean will depend on how often you use your bong.

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