What Are Backwoods Blunts & How to Roll Them | Difference Between Backwood and Swisher

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Backwoods Blunt

Backwoods cigars are top-rated when it comes to taste and the relaxation blunt. A cigar is a roll in which dry and fermented tobacco is packed. It comes in different shapes and sizes. These cigar tobaccos are mainly found in Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean. As many smokers don’t know about the backwoods blunt, this WeeDeeliver post gives you an entire picture of backwoods blunt and why most people like backwoods blunt.

What is a Backwoods Blunt?

Backwood Blunt

Backwoods blunts are weed packed with 100 percent natural tobacco leaf. It comes in many flavors .i.e. original, honey, honeyberry, sweetly aromatic, and honey bourbon. They also have limited edition dark stout and banana flavors. These backwoods cigars are different from other cigars as it doesn’t need to cut in the middle of the cigar. Just combust the cigar until the tobacco packed inside comes out.

The backwoods blunts are different from typical cigars as it gives a unique and dreamy smoking experience. Most of the smokers experience backwoods to feel the relaxation and to taste the flavors they have. This is why; you can see many celebrities using backwood blunts. The celebrity rappers like Game, Waka Flocka Flame, Fetty Wap, Busta Rhymes, Future, and much more love to smoke backwoods blunts. Even you can see famous people like Wiz Khalifa and veteran Snoop Dog, who openly voice out about the legal use of backwoods blunts and marijuana weed concentrates.

Backwoods vs. Swisher | What is the Difference Between Backwood and Swisher?

If you are a blunt smoker, you can find many market brands like swisher sweets and optimo. So these brands, mainly swishers, are competing with the upcoming largest brand called “backwoods.” Both swisher and backwoods come under the blunt smoking family.

The backwoods cigars are rolled by hand. This manual procedure allows the backwoods guts to fall naturally. The leaf of a backwoods cigar is fragile compared to the swishers. The backwoods cigars are either a cigar or a cigarette; it is a mix of both. Cigarillos are generally machine-made as it is difficult to wrap with human hands. The backwoods cigars are easy to remove tobacco and roll it back. These backwoods cigars can hold more than one weed. Many smokers roll more than an eighth of herbs using a single blunt wrap.

How to Roll Backwoods Blunts?

The backwoods cigars are the best compared to many other cigars brands in the industry regarding taste and flavor. Their tobaccos are at least aged one full year before it reaches you like a cigar. It gives a dreamy experience due to the blend between the perfect tobacco and your favorite herbs. Rolling the backwoods blunts is a bit tricky and delicate. Follow the steps given below to wrap your backwoods blunt perfectly.

Step1: Unwrap the Cigar

The first and foremost step is removing the leaf of the cigar. One end will be tightly stuck, and the other end of the leaf will be loose. Gently remove the leaf. Patience is the key in this process. As the leaf is fragile, the leaf may easily get torn.

Step 2: Remove the Tobacco inside the Cigar

Once unwrapping is done, remove the excess tobacco. Then flatten the leaf to place the backwoods blunts.

Step 3: Fill the Leaf with Backwoods Blunts

As the leaf has an irregular shape, place your dominant hand away from the leaf. So if your right hand is dominant over the left hand, then place your right hand away from the sharp edges. This helps you to roll once the blunt is packed inside the leaf easily.

Step 4: Roll the Leaf Back

Once the weed is spread over the leaf evenly, roll the leaf carefully. Rolling back the leaf is the difficult and the trickiest part of this process. It requires more patience and practice to master it.

Why Do People Like Backwoods?

The backwoods blunts have a different kind of buzz and feeling of relaxation. Even though it does not give that much hype to other cigars, it is the most liked cigar because it is a lot tastier and flavorful. Then comes the question do backwoods have nicotine? Yes, the backwoods cigars contain more nicotine compared to other cigar brands. The blend of nicotine and the herbs offers you buzz and satisfaction—another reason why people like backwoods because with blunts, they burn forever.

Final Words 

Smokers who need to experience a different and dreamy world with the backwoods cigar are everything about backwoods blunts. So, now you can enjoy the hype and various flavors that backwoods offers.

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