How to Sneak Weed into a Concert? 11 Perfect Ways to Sneak Weed into a Concert

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How to sneak weed into a concert

How to Sneak Weed into a Concert? You are all set to go to a concert and want to take your weed with you to the event. Like you, many cannabis lovers want to sneak weed into a concert. So, you are wondering about taking weed into a concert successfully without coming into anyone’s notice? If that’s the thing, then this post may help you get your weed into the concert.

Ways to Sneak Weed into a Concert

The Coffee Can

Coffee can be a great place to hide your weed into a concert because the smell of coffee is much more pungent than ganja’s smell. Putting weed right at the bottom of the can will ensure that no one can smell it. Make sure it’s tightly rolled because the coffee smell is sure to outweigh the smell of your ganja.

Your Dreadlocks!

Hair is a great place to hide marijuana into a concert, especially if you’re on the go! If you’re taking your marijuana out of town in an event, hide your weed in dreadlocks. A messy bun is an excellent place to hide some buds, although the smell might stick to your hair for some time after that.


ways to sneak weed into a concert

This is an old favorite. It has become such a famous stash for hiding marijuana that you can buy books with holes that allow you to hide your marijuana much more quickly. If you even want to be more discreet, make your own, and that way, you can ensure that the book is something not so flashy and that it fits perfectly in its place. Just cut as large a square as you like across enough pages, and you’ve created a much hidden pot stash!

Inside a Highlighter

Believe it or not, a highlighter is a perfectly discreet place where you can sneak weed into a concert. You can even keep it in a case, and nobody will suspect anything. You can easily pull the cap off the highlighter. Just be sure to put some paper to separate the ink from your buds and put the lid back on. The perfect hideaway!

A Pair of Old Jeans

No one is going to search for your closet, especially all your old pairs of jeans. Hiding your marijuana in the pockets of an old jacket or an old pair of jeans is perfectly discreet. Just ensure that you roll it up with something that disguises the smell, so the smell doesn’t get out of your entire closet!

Cigarette Pack

Put your weed in your cigarette pack; this method allows you to look like an innocent tobacco user. You can put two or three cigarettes packed with weed. You can also put your cigarette at the top of the pack and weed at the bottom. It looks like you have a legit packet of a cigarette with you.

Belt Area

You can sneak weed into a concert into your belt or crotch area. If you put it right under the center button of your pant, it is a perfect place to hide your weed in a concert. Wear a belt that someone won’t be able to detect a bag of weed underneath your buckle of the belt.

Phone Case

This method is rarely used method, and of course, nobody can imagine that someone hides weed behind their phone case. You also can use this method if your phone case is roomy, and you find a spot where you can put weed easily. Unless you tell someone, no one can find weed inside your phone case.


When you want to sneak weed into a concert, put your weed inside your shoes. While entering a concert, nobody can take you far and ask you to remove hour shoes for checking.

Inside Your Pen

For this method, you need a pen and weed. Get a ball pen, take the refill or ink cartridge out of it, and put the weed roll in it. And you are ready to sneak your weed into the concert.

Inside Your Wallet

You can put your weed as a joint or blunt in your everyday belongings, and you know that not a single person can ask you for the checking of someone’s belonging. It’s obscene and ill-mannered to look inside someone’s wallet.

Final Thoughts on How to Sneak Weed into a Concert

We at WeeDeeliver hope these places will make a great hit where you can sneak weed into a concert and will keep you out of trouble!

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