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Marijuana has become a buzz among the generation. This is why cannabis lovers’ is more comfortable sharing the wild and wacky uses of weeds. And one of the happening things we’ve heard is a weed time bomb. Once set, it looks like a ready to explode weed time bomb, so it’s named after it. However, […]
Can Drug Dogs Smell CBD Oil
Can Drug Dogs Smell CBD Oil? Some dangers lurk for cannabis users who want to take their weed with them when traveling. Even in countries where marijuana is legal, weed is still banned on flights. And for those who live in a country where cannabis is completely banned, the consequences of being caught with a […]
How to Make Bubble Hash without Bubble Bags
How to Make Bubble Hash Without Bubble Bags? As cannabis legalizes globally, legal consumers at WeeDeeliver are looking for new, tastier, and purer products. Therefore, bubble hash is one of the most popular and demanding products on the market. Connoisseurs have been using it for many years now, but it is a new product for […]
Hemp Fabric Disadvantages
Hemp is not widely used in the textile industry today, although it is a plant with remarkable properties. Hemp is considered one of the first plants to make textiles, but with the development of other materials such as cotton, organic cotton, or synthetic fibers, it was abandoned. What is Hemp? Hemp is a natural and […]
What Is Considered Heavy Marijuana Use
What Is Considered Heavy Marijuana Use? Marijuana is extracted from the cannabis plant and is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. On the other note, presently, this drug is legal in 50 states of the US. This mixture of dried and shredded cannabis flowers, seeds, stems, and leaves is used as […]
Can You Get In Trouble For Being High
Can You Get In Trouble For Being High: With the legalization of cannabis in 50 states of the USA, you may or may not get in trouble for being high on marijuana. It all depends on the situation, like how much stoned you are, are you high on marijuana with alcohol, or are you too […]
Marijuana Tattoos
People get tattoos to show off their fashion style statements, religious purpose, or to show their personal feeling for various things by getting it permanent on their skin. Getting permanent tattoos on different body parts is highly popular among people of all ages in today’s world. The innovative changes have made it possible for everyone […]
Drinking Bong Water: Bong water is undoubtedly one of the most disgusting liquids you have to deal with. After just a few herb heads, the previously freshwater quickly takes on an unpleasant odor, and the bong melts. If you don’t take care of the cleaning after a bong evening, the glass treasure quickly turns into […]
Is Weed a Vegetable
Is Weed a Vegetable? There are three whole plants within the genus Weed that you can identify. Marijuana (Weed Sativa and Weed Indica) is often closely associated with weed, but hemp should also be included. In summary, the three plants can be classified into the genus of flowering plants of the family Cannabis. Even with […]
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