Ways to Get High Without Weed

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How to Get High Without Weed

The effects of weed sound cool as it offers euphoria, relaxation, etc. But most are illegal, and above all, their consumption is accompanied by much less funny side effects: dependence, exclusion, serious health concerns, and risk of death, sometimes from the first intake. It does not sell dreams, which is why we at WeeDeeliver present you with four methods, from nutmeg to hypnagogic light, to get high without weed.

4 Ways to Get High Without Weed

  1. Hover with Nutmeg

Ways to get high without weed

You will no longer look at quiche the same way. Nutmeg can have psychotropic effects, mainly because of the myristicin it contains, and to a lesser extent, safrole and elemicin.

It is not with the pinch of nutmeg that you put in your bechamel sauce that you will feel effects on your central nervous and gastrointestinal systems, as well as on your lungs. Nevertheless, the latter can be provided after the absorption of one to two milligrams of nutmeg per pound of body mass, explains Futura Sciences.

Except that, beware: swallowing a tablespoon of nutmeg causes nausea, vomiting, flushing of the face, a feeling of dry mouth, euphoria, hallucination, tachycardia, and dizziness. And the effects can last from 24 to 36 hours or even a whole week. But that’s not all: taking too much nutmeg, over 15 to 20 grams, can be fatal.

Is it worth the euphoria shoot? No, especially since nutmeg’s side effects are close to certain drugs, how we can see it. And besides, let’s be honest, the taste of nutmeg is disgusting.

  1. Getting High in the Light

We call it the hypnagogic light. Lying under a lamp, eyes closed, you receive LED flashes sent at a specific frequency. However, your brain also emits waves at specific frequencies, which synchronize with the light. You then “automatically” plunge into a state close to deep meditation (or hypnagogic state, that is, the phase between wakefulness and REM sleep). A first study showed that specific effects were close to psychotropic drugs such as LSD or ketamine: the phenomenon of “decor ships” (feeling of leaving your body), visual trips (only created by your brain since your eyes are closed), the sensation of well-being, etc. Throughout the session, psychedelic images (vortex, spacewalk, etc.), “visions,” and memories jostle in your head.

  1. Exercise 

After the physical effort, you notice a feeling of well-being. It is not just because you’ve lasted more than 5 minutes on the rower or have finally done your 45 minutes of running stopping less than 20 times, but because during exercise, your body releases endorphins that are part of the “hormones of happiness.”

In reality, endorphins are not strictly speaking hormones but neuropeptides. Their effects are comparable to morphine. For some people, endorphins will have a calming effect and make it easier to sleep. Other people will, on the contrary, be euphoric, will have giggles, etc. In both cases, they are fun.

This is why some people develop an addiction to sport, which is much less harmful than drugs; don’t worry (unless you do it six times a day when you are not a high-level athlete).

Neurotransmitters are also produced during sport: dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. They can play a beneficial role in mood.

  1. Music to Triumph

Can’t do without music? Do the first notes of your playlist do as better as lighting a weed cigarette? That’s okay, according to a 2017 Canadian study; music borrows the same reward pattern as drugs and sex.

About ten years ago, fashion was the trip obtained thanks to binaural music or e-drugs. These euphoric effects have never really been proven. In reality, binaural means “which concerns both ears”. This technique, adopted by music, cinema, or even video games, restores the ear’s natural hearing, with its different levels of depth.

Nothing crazy a priori, but the binaural sound, listened to especially with headphones, allow you to be immersed in a unique atmosphere and be enveloped in a cocoon. This is why several contents of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) are recorded in binaural sound. YouTube abounds with these videos that help its followers relax and fall asleep. They cause in some people sensations of pleasure, even cerebral orgasms. Still, it is necessary to find the noises of mouth or the friction of fabric pleasant.

Final Thoughts on How to Get High Without Weed

After all, it is good to know that reality is the gateway to drugs. And if the life you lead offers no reason to escape from it, follow the path of good. Take advantage of the fact that the laws of chance have favored you with luck. For more information on cannabis, read our blogs here.

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