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how to clean a grinder

How to Clean a Grinder? In the process of weed consumption, grinding is an essential step. As you grind your weed in a grinder, you also need to know how to clean the grinder to keep your weed equipment hygiene. There are many motives to keep your weed equipment clean. The ways which we at WeeDeeliver are going to discuss in this post are easy and simple.

When you regularly use the grinder and do not keep your grinder clean, it can lead to numerous problems. The small pieces of plant matter, sticky resins, and powder kief are junked with a grinder if you do not maintain your grinder. It becomes challenging to open the grinder’s lid. Also, the grinder’s teeth or cutting blades that help to grind your weed do not work in back and forth motion.

The following are some methods that are using to clean a grinder.

  • Quick Cleaning Method
  • Deep Cleaning Method

The First Grinder Cleaning Method Is The Quick Clean. 

If you want to clean your grinder with a quick method, then this method is for you.

  • Disassemble each part of your grinder: after disassembling, quickly clean your leftover plant material and dump it out. If the leftover material is more and you think you can use that leftover, then save it.
  • Take a big glass container or Ziplock bag and put the pieces of the grinder in it. Add some alcohol and fill it with isopropyl alcohol; make sure the grinder’s part will dip in it properly. Let the grinder soak for 30-40 minutes; while this process whisks the grinder in every 8-10 minutes, it will help break the plant matter’s residue.
  • After 30-40 minutes, take out the grinder’s parts, take an unbendable or stiff-bristled brush, and scrub the grinder. Scrub all parts of the grinder with a brush properly along with the grinding teeth and the lid.
  • Take a container, add water to it, and then rinse off your grinder from clean water. Make sure that the remaining resins or the plant’s matter and alcohol wash away correctly. Let the grinder for a few minutes to soak, or you can use a clean towel to soak the grinder. When the grinder is wholly soaked, then it will ready to use again.

The Second Method Is The Deep Clean Method. 

Deep Cleaning Method of Grinder

This method is perfect for that weed grinder, which is blocked up with resin or plants resin, and it gets challenging to grind weed smoothly in back and forth motion. It’s the right time to apply this method, but this method will take some more time.

  • This method also starts with disassembling the grinder parts, but while you are doing this method, take care that there is no resin left in the grinder.
  • Take a bowl or any container and dump out the leftover residue in it, and later you can use that residue. Remove the residue, which is clinging with the grinder that stuff will remove in the next step. You just need to take that caked and loosely stuff that stiffed in the grinder.
  • Take the grinder pieces and arrange in the right manner that you can put the grinder in the freezer and leave it for 30-40 minutes. When the plant residues are getting freeze, it will be easy to scratch the residue out of the grinder rather than scaping and clinging it without freezing it.
  • After 30-40 minutes, take out the grinder from the freezer and scrape the sniffed residue with the help of a toothpick or brush. While putting out the sniffed plant matter, take care that you can clean the grinder teeth and all around the chamber.
  • When the leftover cannabis concentrates harvested, do this step for the spotless and clean grinder. Put all the grinder pieces into a container to soak the grinder into alcohol for 20-25 minutes. This step also helps you break out the residue.
  • After 20-25 minutes, put your grinder outside, and clean the sniffed material from the grinder with a toothbrush. That material makes your grinder’s cutter hard.
  • Now take some hot water and rinse your grinder with it. Take a clean cloth or towel to soak the water and wipe your grinder chamber and teeth with it.

Final Thoughts on How To Clean a Grinder

The above methods will help you to clean a grinder efficiently. So, always keep your grinder in good condition and you will not face any problem while grinding your weed. If you use a clean and tidy grinder, it can help you give a good experience of consuming cannabis.

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