how to smoke weed from a bowl-featured
How to Smoke Weed From A Bowl. Smoking weed from a bowl is a traditional way of smoking. The bowl belongs to the cannabis culture. While smoking in a pipe or a bong, a bowl is one of the essential components. The bowl is like a spoon rounded in the middle in which the marijuana […]
How to clean a bubbler
How to Clean a Bubbler? Inevitably, sooner or later, it will be time to clean your Bubbler. But that’s okay because everyone benefits from it – your Bubbler and you. After all, a clean bubbler not only looks nice but also lets you taste and feel your cannabis herbs better and prevents possible lung infections, […]
ways to smoke weed without a pipe
Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe – The popularity of cannabis concentrates is increasing day by day. Although its existence is almost as old as the use of the plant itself, it is in recent times that the multiple forms of its consumption have been explored. In principle, smoking dab is not as simple […]
how to make ejmix
How to make EJmix?Sooner or later, medicinal hemp will be a standard product on store shelves. Then nobody will smoke anymore; the smoking joint will be a thing of the past. Precisely dosed tablets and drops are the future. If you want to in hale, you can use THC liquid in the vaporizer. Cannabis e-liquids […]
how to find weed in a new city
How to Find a Weed in a New City? CBD is a molecule of the cannabinoid family present in the hemp plant that, once extracted, can be used for therapeutic purposes. The cannabinoid is not a psychoactive compound and does not act directly on our brain. What can I use a CBD weed product for? These […]
How Does Long Weed Stay Good For
How Long Does Weed Stay Good? Preserving marijuana is one of the keys to having a contest product. Those who are patient enough to cure their weed get a much better product than the average grower. After spending time and money growing, cutting, and drying, sometimes you end up missing the real nuances of smell […]
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