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How to Ask For Weed: Smoking marijuana is often associated with “relaxing” or “hanging out,” but you tend to ignore the norms of social decency when you get it. This may be due to the marijuana being illegal and not available for purchase from your local warehouse.

If you want to buy weed from a dealer, few questions come to your mind, like asking someone if they smoke weed, asking a dealer for weed, texting drug dealer etiquette, and asking for weed over text. Below you can get the answer to these questions:

How To Ask Someone If They Smoke Weed?

If you want the company of someone for smoking weed, then don’t ask him directly for it until you make sure that he also likes to consume or smoke weed.

If you get the opportunity, ask a person if he would like to smoke with you. Do not ask to bring marijuana concentrates unless you want to buy something. “From the other day, “you have something to bring, but don’t expect it.

If you want to know the person in front of you is taking weed or not; the best way is to start a discussion about weed. Try to ask him whether he knows about the benefits of taking weed or how to find a weed in a new city. If he replies positively, you can ask him directly to take weed with you.

How to Ask a Dealer for Weed?

How to Ask For Weed From A Dealer Over Text Message

Many are afraid to contact drug dealers. So, it is preferable to use code words such as “green” or “staff” and follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Calm Yourself

First, calm down as this is a simple part. Your weed dealer probably invites you to the Xbox. You know that you don’t talk about your feelings.

Step 2: Get ready for arrival.

Please note that the problem is most likely to occur here. First, prepare the money. It’s not as annoying as when a marijuana dealer comes to your apartment, and you’re not ready to buy the medicine you just delivered.

Also, you lie. It can be worse than not having your money ready when they arrive. Yes, this is what happens.

Step 3: Make a deal

This is probably the most traumatic part of the entire marijuana buying experience. This is because you need to make face-to-face contact with other person. That leads to our first point. Look at them. Listen to how they are doing. Don’t always talk on the phone. Don’t be weird and awkward.

If you want to buy a part, ask your dealer if you know where to sell it. They are usually the most knowledgeable about this. If you’re new and don’t know what to look for, ask to come and help. Choose one; give them some money or something to come.

Texting Drug Dealer Etiquette

If you want to buy weed from the dealer by using text message, below are a few of etiquette which one must know when texting a dealer for weed:

  • Don’t ask him directly whether he does the sale, purchase of weed. It may cause an issue for him.
  • Don’t do group discussion with the weed dealer
  • Use polite word when talking with the dealer

How to Ask For Weed over Text?

Ask the weed dealer if it’s okay to talk about marijuana in a (direct) text message. There may be relatives or colleagues who can see the message. Your dealer and you don’t remember talking about marijuana over the phone. Ask your weed dealer if he wants to “hang out” or “have dinner.” with you. Also, if either of the two is arrested, there is no direct connection.

Organize your location and time to suit your needs. However, if the dealer wants to negotiate at home or in a particular place, relax and meet there or say, “You can arrive and pick you up.” In the right place on time! Please make sure to arrive early. This is an essential requirement.

Thoughts on How to Ask For Weed From A Dealer Over Text Message

We at WeeDeeliver hope you now understand how to ask a weed dealer for weed. After reading this post, you will feel confident enough to ask a weed dealer for weed. You may have learnt different methods for asking the weed.

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