How to Roll a Swisher Blunt? A Step by Step Detailed Guide

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How to Roll a Swisher Blunt? One of the most classic and typically coolest ways to smoke weed is to use the swisher blunt. Whether you meet a rolled stump on the reg or are more inclined to smoke a pot out of a pipe, knowing how to roll up a stump is a good skill for any cannabis user.

If you are new to the cannabis world, this WeeDeeliver blog is written specifically for you. The following is everything you need to know to roll the perfect swisher.

How to Roll a Swisher Blunt? What Is A Dull One Anyway?

Heard about swisher blunts but not quite sure what they are? Don’t worry; everyone who smokes weed starts somewhere. A duller is just weed wrapped in an empty cigar roll instead of a roll of paper.

Blunts are popular among cannabis lovers because they adore the buzz that arises from the tobacco packaging the weed is rolled into.

Blunts Vs. Joints: What’s the Difference?

Swisher Blunts and joints are similar as they both rolled up in a smoking paper. The most significant difference is in the type of paper the weeds are rolled into. While the joints are rolled up in roll paper, blunts are rolled in blunt envelopes or hollowed-out cigars or cigarillos.

Blunts are larger than the average joint, and they are rolled with contains tobacco. Blunts also contain a distinctive aroma. Flavored dull wraps or high-quality cigar paper offer a completely different experience than unflavored roll paper.

Do Blunts Get You Higher Than Other Types of Weed Smoking?

Most skilled stoners will tell you that it will get you higher than smoking a joint or bowl. Although the tobacco in the blunt wrapper or the cigar paper can make you more buzz, no evidence blunts will get you higher. The idea behind this depends on how much weed there is in them.

A good-sized joint can contain around a gram of weed, but blunts can contain 2-3 grams or more. This is why people feel “taller” when they smoke a swisher blunt. However, if you want to smoke the same amount of weed that is blunt in other ways, you’d be more or less the same level.

How to Roll the Perfect Swisher Blunt?

How to Roll the Swisher Blunt

With that done, it’s time to learn how to roll a swisher blunt perfectly.

Things You Need to Roll a Swisher Blunt 

All You Need Is:

  • Your favorite cannabis concentrates (approx. 2-3 grams)
  • Blunt wraps, a cigar, or a cigarillo
  • A grinder – optional, but it can help grind your bud perfectly.

A Detailed Guide on How to Roll a Swisher Blunt

Step One: Grind Your Weeds

Use your grinder (or finger) to break up your weeds. To learn about how to grind weed without a grinder, check out our dedicated blog.

Step Two: Open Your Blunt Shell

If you are using a cigar or cigarillo, you will need to carefully cut the paper lengthwise to open it and remove the tobacco. If you are using a swisher blunt wrapper, you can skip this step.

Step Three: Moisten Your Blunt Wrap

A little moisture is enough when rolling a swisher blunt. Most people lick both sides of the paper for even moisture. If you don’t like this, try using your finger and a small amount of water.

Step Four: Fill In Your Blunt Paper

Take your broken cannabis flower and evenly place it in your blunt paper. You will find that just one gram is enough to fill a pack of a cigarillo. However, if you aim for more incredible dullness, fill your paper with up to 2-3 grams.

Step Five: Roll Up Your Stump

Take the blunt wrap between your fingers and roll the weeds evenly over the paper. After you’ve wrapped it tightly and shaped it just right, pin the wrapper together and fold it like a joint.

Step Six: Seal It Up

Blunt wraps don’t have the tacky glue to hold them together like roll paper. You need to “boil” your stump to make sure it is sealed. This is easy to do by carefully running the flame of a lighter outside the swisher blunt without actually touching the paper with the flame. Move it up and down for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Step Seven: Smoke That Rolled Up Dull!

The last step of rolling a blunt is Smoke, of course! Light the baby, and enjoy the fruits of your blunt labor.

How to Roll a Swisher Blunt? | Final Thoughts

Swisher blunts are classic when it comes to cannabis use. All you need is good weed and a blunt pack, cigar, or cigarillo. Combined with a little patience during the learning curve, you’ll soon be rolling swisher blunts like a pro.


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