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How to clean a bubbler

How to Clean a Bubbler? Inevitably, sooner or later, it will be time to clean your Bubbler. But that’s okay because everyone benefits from it – your Bubbler and you. After all, a clean bubbler not only looks nice but also lets you taste and feel your cannabis herbs better and prevents possible lung infections, etc.

How to Clean a Bubbler | How Often Should You Clean Your Bubbler?

It depends on what your consumption pattern looks like and how clean you want to smoke. After all, some people are very meticulous, and then there are also the “hardened” types of people who can put away a dirty chillum. In principle, however, we at WeeDeeliver would advise you to change the bubbler water every day and rinse your Bubbler thoroughly. The actual cleaning, let’s keep it realistic, should then take place once a week. You will see that if you clean your Bubbler regularly, the weekly cleaning won’t take much time, and you don’t always have to attack with harsh agents.

Which Agents/Cleaners Can Be Used to Clean the Bubbler?

How to clean a bubbler

There are superior cleaning products made solely to clean Bubbler and pipes to shine thoroughly and sparkle. But in the following, we want to introduce you to products and product combinations, which are typically considered household items, etc. and which you can still use for cleaning your Bubbler. These household products also achieve a superior result; only the cleaning and the repetitive processes can vary compared to the superior products.

Dishwasher Tabs

This method is both simple and effective. You can use any type/brand of dishwasher tab. The best thing to do is put the Bubbler in the sink and put a tab into the Bubbler. Then you fill the Bubbler with hot/boiling water. After half an hour of waiting, your Bubbler should look like new. If there are residues, repeat the process or help with a brush. This method is not suitable for the acrylic bubbler.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Epsom Salt

This method is one of the most thorough ways to clean the Bubbler. You will need a bottle of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and a box of Epsom salt. Then you should mix a mixture of alcohol, salt, and water well in the Bubbler. Shake the Bubbler well. Repeat the procedure a few times if required, depending on the degree of soiling. The salt appears harsh, and the alcohol acts as a solvent. You can find the necessary ingredients for this cocktail in pharmacies, on Amazon, etc. It is only suitable for glass bubblers.


Fill the Bubbler with mouthwash, let it work for a while, and then shake it well. It is particularly suitable for acrylic bubblers.

Pure Isopropyl Alcohol

Let your dirty Bubbler or pipe soak in alcohol for 24 hours and then rinse it thoroughly. One pass is usually sufficient. It is only suitable for glass bubbler.

Denture Cleaners

You need only the tablet in the bubbler place, then fill up with water and let soak. It is a simple way to clean your Bubbler. It is also suitable for all types of bubbler cleaning.

Warm Water and a Brush

Fill the water into the Bubbler and let it work for a while to soften the impurities. Then brush the Bubbler and the chillum thoroughly with a brush. This method is very gentle, effective when used precisely, and also suitable for acrylic bubblers.

How Do You Best Clean Your Bubbler?

Firstly, it should be mentioned that not every cleaning method and every cleaning agent is suitable for every type/material of Bubbler. Some cleaning agents act aggressive and damage the material of acrylic Bubbler. For example – glass bubbler has compatibility with all possible cleaning agents. Furthermore, boiling water deforms acrylic bubblers, and the glass of glass bubblers can also get damaged if the glass of Bubbler is of low quality or if there are already small cracks. Therefore, you should set the temperature a little lower. With glass, you should also be careful when shaking and cleaning with the brush because even if there are already stable glass bubblers, it is ultimately still glass. Finally, it should be said that you should always clean in a safe place such as the sink, etc. After all, you want to clean your Bubbler and not an entire room.

The Things You Will Need To Clean Your Bubbler

  • Hot Water
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Bath Salts
  • Tube Cleaners
  • Sac Ziploc

Steps to Clean Your Bubbler

  1. Fill a Ziploc bag halfway with denatured alcohol.
  2. Fill the Bubbler with denatured alcohol, place it in the Ziploc, and let it soak overnight. This will help soften them from resin.
  3. Remove the Bubbler and let the liquid drain. Add the cool denatured alcohol to the Bubbler along with a small handful of bath salts.
  4. Plug the holes in the bowl and the CARB with your fingers and tighten as hard as you can.
  5. Let the liquid drain out and using the pipe cleaner to clean any cracks inside the bubbler.
  6. Repeat steps fourth, fifth, and sixth till the inside of the Bubbler looks clean. Rinse the Bubbler with hot water when you are finished.

How to Clean a Bubbler | Final Words

All of the above are great for cleaning glass bubblers. You should be a little careful with acrylic bubblers and only use lemon juice, mouthwash, or denture cleaner. Also, read this blog to know about ways to smoke weed without a pipe.

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