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How to Smoke Weed From A Bowl. Smoking weed from a bowl is a traditional way of smoking. The bowl belongs to the cannabis culture. While smoking in a pipe or a bong, a bowl is one of the essential components. The bowl is like a spoon rounded in the middle in which the marijuana is packed. It is a small dish made to hold cannabis.

The weed bowl is fastened to the body of the pipe or bong. At the end of the bowl, there is a hole called a carb that connects to the pipe’s body. Carb controls the airflow to fill the pipe with smoke, and the user can take a hit whenever he wants to. If you have bongs with you, it doesn’t have a carb. The smoke produced due to the weed travels through the pipe from the bowl and into the lungs. For convenience, the user can adjust the bowl in and out to control the carb’s airflow.

Reasons Why People Prefer Smoking Weed from Bongs or Pipes over Bowl 

Some people hate pipes because; 

  • Most of the bowls are made of glass. So it may shatter or chip due to the intense heat developed during the production of smoke.
  • If the material of the glass is poor, then it may become dangerous.
  • Some people prefer smoking in a spliff, blunt, or joint. So they oppose smoking from the bowl.

Some people like pipes because; 

  • The glass bowls give you a straightforward and clear way of smoking cannabis.
  • When the glass is heated, it doesn’t produce any smell or flavors that make you feel uncomfortable while smoking.
  • Most of them like the glass pieces as they give the natural taste and smell of marijuana.
  • If the pipes get dirty, we can easily clean the material as it is totally made of glass.

Instructions on How to Smoke Weed from a Bowl

how to smoke weed from a bowl

The process of packing weed is the same in both bongs and pipes. Pipes have a bowl at the end like a small spoon, and the bongs are in the form of big pipes with a U shaped end where the bowl is placed. So, now we will discuss the ways to smoke weed from a bowl.

Grind Your Weed

If you are using a spoon pipe or a bong, you need to grind the marijuana into such small pieces to fit into the bowl. For this to be done, you can use a grinder. A grinder grinds the marijuana into even small sized.

Packing the Weed Bowl 

Once the grinding part is done, take a pinch of marijuana at your fingertips, place it in the bowl, and level it using a tamping tool. At the same time, don’t pack it tightly. It may lead to difficulty while pulling the smoke.

Ignite the Marijuana 

After packing the weed bowl:

  1. Ignite the marijuana using a lighter.
  2. When you ignite, keep your lips into the pipe and pull the smoke generated by keeping a finger in the carb.
  3. Inhale the weed by removing the finger from the carbs, and all the smoke goes through your lungs.

It is the same for bongs, but as it is a significant apparatus, you need to use two hands to hold the pipe near the mouth and the other to ignite the weed.

Remove the Ash 

Once you have completed smoking, clean the ash, and use the same bowl for the next session after cleaning.

How to Smoke Weed From A Bowl | Final Words

This blog by WeeDeeliver gives you complete information about packing the weed in the bowl and how to smoke weed from a bowl efficiently. You can easily smoke the weed in bowls, bongs, and pipes with the simple knowledge of grinding, smoking, and packing the weeds in the bowl.

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