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How to Smoke Weed For the First Time? Take some time to read about marijuana. So you can know what effects to expect, whether you are using it as a recreational or therapeutic substance. Depending on the variety, strong psychoactive or narcotic effects can be expected to nullify some of the senses to more bearable effects and, therefore, more appropriate for the first time weed smokers.

How to Smoke Weed For the First Time?  – Answered

For a first-time cannabis user, choosing the product to start with may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of cannabis strains and a wide variety of consumption methods. Here, at WeeDeeliver, we present some useful tips for people to answer their how to smoke weed for the first time question to follow to play it safe and ensure a successful experience.

Tips for smoking weed first time

8 Tips for Your First Time Smoking Weed

  1. Just Relax While Smoking Weed for the First Time 

The worst thing to do when smoking weed for the first time you perceive the effects it produces is to panic, which can cause a feeling of unnecessary paranoia. Don’t get nervous when smoking weed for the first time; stay relaxed as you will get immersed in the new pleasant world.

  1. Pick a Good Movie

An excellent humorous movie will be the best way to enjoy it. This first time experience will always be remembered, and nothing better than a few laughs to remember it pleasantly and face the next with good spirits.

  1. Find the Best Smoking Device

It is unnecessary to smoke a joint, especially if you do not have the habit of smoking. A bong, for example, can make this first experience more pleasant for our throat. Also, a vaporizer will avoid the toxic gases produced by combustion. It is about being comfortable smoking, not having coughing attacks with each puff.

  1. Smoke Slowly

If rushing is never good, smoking weed for the first time is no exception. So calmly and puff by puff, enjoy until you find a point where you feel good. It is not acceptable to go overboard and end up in a semi-unconscious or unconscious state.

  1. Listen to Music While Smoking Weed for the First Time 

It’s another activity that can help make smoking the first time a great experience. Apart from distracting you and keeping you away from other types of thoughts, everyone agrees that under the influence of marijuana, music sounds better and is understood differently, and helps to socialize and not stay on standby.

  1. Enjoy Your Weed in Company

One of the greatest satisfactions of the grower is being able to smoke their own weed in the company and having friends who value it. If they are experienced in this case, they will help you cope better with the blind; you will laugh, speak, and share great humor with first-time cannabis smoker.

  1. Use Eye Drops While Smoking Weed for the First Time

Marijuana is common for making your eyes red and glassy. This is due to THC that lowers blood pressure and causes blood vessels to dilate. Using a few drops of eye drops in your eyes will prevent anyone from knowing where you come from.

  1. Don’t Start With the Concentrates.

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are more potent derivatives. They are products made by extracting resin from flowers (and the rest of the plant) to isolate as many cannabinoids as possible.

Concentrates can be found in many varieties and under many different names, such as shatters, waxes, honeycombs, BHO, rosins, and more. Specific concentrates are produced by mechanical and manual separation, using sieves of different calibers (uncompacted kief and water hash). In contrast, others use chemical solvents (butane, carbon dioxide) and fractional distillation processes.

The potency of dry marijuana is usually between 5 and 25% cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and CBG). Concentrates can achieve concentrations from 30% to close to absolute purity.

Considering the higher potency of concentrates, they are not recommended for the individuals who are smoking weed first time, and one should be especially cautious when consuming them.

Final Words – How to Smoke Weed For the First Time?

With the latest changes to cannabis laws worldwide, one of the main questions that are emerging is how marijuana affects the ability to drive a car (if at all). Our advice is never to drive after smoking or consuming cannabis.

Another tip is to surround yourself with friends or family when you decide to smoke weed for the first time. It will make you feel more confident and comfortable.

But above all: lay back, relax, and enjoy your first experiences with cannabis.

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