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How Does Long Weed Stay Good For

How Long Does Weed Stay Good? Preserving marijuana is one of the keys to having a contest product. Those who are patient enough to cure their weed get a much better product than the average grower. After spending time and money growing, cutting, and drying, sometimes you end up missing the real nuances of smell and taste in a rush to try it. In this post, we are going to explain how long weed stays good.

Cannabis is a psychotropic drug, so there are still many questions about keeping its properties intact when stored.

Every cannabis user has already asked the following questions:

  • Does cannabis have a shelf life?
  • How do I know if my cannabis is still safe to consume?
  • Will my weed still work?
  • What are the risks of smoking an old joint?
  • How Long Does Weed Last?
  • How Long Does Marijuana Stay Fresh?

How to Keep/Store Marijuana Fresh For Longer Life?

Marijuana improves its quality during the conservation process. It is due to a series of chemical reactions between the buds and the air’s oxygen. Many times we have observed how a specific herb gradually turned brown as it was stored. This is because chlorophyll, which gives the grass its green color, oxidizes, and loses intensity.

Besides the appearance, we also know that the effect of marijuana changes after it is stored. The cannabinoids, which are still in the acid form in the buds, are oxidized in air and become psychoactive, achieving a strong effect. This is the case of the main cannabinoids in marijuana:

THCA ⇒ THC delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

CBDA ⇒ CBD Cannabidiol

As the curing process progresses, another series of chemical reactions occur, which also modifies the psycho-activity of marijuana. THC, which is no longer in acid form, is transformed into CBN.  This cannabinoid appears in marijuana samples stored for long periods, especially if it has not been kept in an airtight container.

At a professional level, marijuana can be stored in atmospheres of nitrogen or carbon dioxide, which avert the fungus spread that may be in the plant. However, at the user level, we can settle for properly drying the marijuana to the humidity point in which we do not have problems with fungi.

Remember that to dry the grass; it is necessary to gradually reduce its humidity level to a level close to 30%. We should never try to dry marijuana by the effect of heat, but rather by ventilation and lowering the drying room’s relative humidity.

Where to Store Marijuana to Stay Fresh?

How Does Long Weed Stay Fresh

Once we have achieved the desired humidity point, we can store the cannabis herb in hermetic containers such as glass jars or Tight-VAC. In this way, we achieve that all the material’s humidity is equalized, while we avoid the exchange of air with the outside environment. It is advisable to open the container for about five minutes a day (if the environmental conditions are favorable) to accelerate the chlorophyll oxidation process. Once fifteen days have elapsed since we have put the material to cure, it will no longer be necessary to open the jars unless we want to do a tasting.

It is also imperative to avoid contact with sunlight, which causes chemical reactions in cannabinoids. This is why much of the hashish that comes from Morocco, where the herb is dried in the sun, does not retain all the starting plant material’s psycho-activity. Remember that terpenes compounds are also responsible for aroma and flavor as they volatilize quickly in hot conditions.

How to Store Your Cannabis to Stay Long? How to Keep Weed Fresh for Longer

  • Store in containers with neutral material, such as glass jars
  • Use a hygrometer to monitor and relative humidity levels.
  • Use vacuum jars to minimize exposure to oxygen.
  • Separate your strains from the buds

How Long Does Weed Stay Good and Fresh?

Before storing your harvest, you must be careful and remove any buds touched by botrytis. The fungus could spread and destroy the entire contents of the container. We at WeeDeeliver will explain how to process the remains attacked by fungi; for now, don’t smoke them! To examine the harvest, you can spread the marijuana on a work table and collect the excess resin to make hashish.

Marijuana can be kept in cans for at least six months; from that point on, it is not likely to improve its properties; as we have said before, part of the THC will begin to degrade into CBN, a cannabinoid that causes plumper effects by consuming the herb. The flavors and smells will be enhanced in part thanks to chlorophyll decomposition, which only adds a touch of vegetation to marijuana.

Some people who decide to store their harvest with the Boveda 62. This product maintains a constant relative humidity inside the containers, at a 62% level, ensuring the terpenes’ conservation at the highest level.

Final Words

Follow the above tips and tricks to keep your weed stay fresh for long. Also, explore the wide range of cannabis products at WeeDeeliver and have the best cannabis smoking experience. You can also read our blog on how to buy weed online.

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