Can You Smoke Rose Petals? Smoking Marijuana Joint with Rose Petal Blunt

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Can you smoke rose petals

Can you smoke rose petals?

Smoke Rose petals and discover a new world of aromas.

YES, we can smoke rose petals. Smoking rose petals sounds like an experiment and something completely new at first. Smoking rose petals is very effective. Read this post to learn about the real benefits of smoking rose petals.

Can You Smoke Rose Petals? The Benefits of Smoking Rose Petals

When smoking rose petals, you will quickly get a taste for the positive effects. They create a feeling of inner peace, at the same time, act as an aphrodisiac and also reduce depression. The scent of the rose petals alone is stimulating and can lift the mood.

If you want to quit smoking and try your hand at herbal tobacco, rose petals could be just the thing for you.

There’s a reason roses have something romantic about them. They look beautiful, smell pleasantly calming, and, at the same time, have entirely different hidden effects that not many people know about.

  • Lead to relaxation
  • Have an aphrodisiac effect
  • Raise the mood

Can Smoking Rose Petals Get You High?

Can you smoke rose petals - Yes You can Smoke Rose Petals

You can smoke rose petals as a tobacco substitute and also use it as an additive in a joint, i.e., in combination with cannabis concentrates. If you smoke the rose petals, you may easily feel euphoric. However, this feeling is not very long-lasting. What persists is it brings you in a positive mood and offers a fundamentally relaxed feeling that can also help with depression.

Why Smoking Rose Petals Help You Quit Smoking? 

Smoking to quit smoking sounds strange at first! But to get rid of nicotine, herbal cigarettes or smoking herbal mixtures can be a helpful alternative. Smoking rose petals can help you break away from nicotine.

Mostly when you have recently quit smoking, you may feel depressed or sad as a side effect. Smoking rose petals will lift your mood again and, at the same time, relax you for a short while. These feelings can help you overcome nicotine addiction.

Tea made from rose petals is uplifting for the senses and, thanks to antioxidants; they also help with sore throats.

If you smoke rose petals, you can mix them with other herbs. In general, many herbal mixtures naturally contain rose petals as tobacco substitutes. Incidentally, smoking rose petals are also suitable for mixing with cannabis. The taste is described as sweet and delicate and can significantly enrich the taste of the joint.

Smoking Marijuana Joint with Rose Petal Blunt

Since last September, this technique has gone viral when the tweeter @Simple_Sasha swept by showing how to make a cigarette with Valentine’s starflower.

Users who saw it launched themselves to see if that was possible, and since then, many have confirmed that it can be done. For this, three natural rose petals are necessary. Better than buying a bouquet at the florist, which can be expensive, get a box that includes several dozen, allowing you to practice against mistakes.

At WeeDeeliver, we suggest selecting three petals and placing them on a tray that we can put in the microwave. After that, heat the rose petals for a short time; some experts speak of ten seconds, but everything will depend on your device’s power. The objective is that when you remove the petals, they will have a purplish and dark tone and that they can be bent or operated with ease.

They must also be dry enough (that is, there are no traces of humidity) to turn them on later and not go off.

After that, you have to join the three petals. Sasha herself did it with her saliva, with a lick, but some people have found it difficult and have opted to stick them with marijuana concentrates, smeared on the side, and left to dry before rolling. Whether you join them together or with saliva, put them back in the oven for the same period that worked before to dry them and let them rest for a couple of minutes. After them, we pour the mixture that we want to smoke and proceed to roll. When going to close, the saliva and the lighter usually work in all cases.

Can You Smoke Rose Petals? Final Words

Instead of using harmful nicotine-containing tobacco, why not try rose petals as a tobacco substitute. They are not addictive and enrich the taste experience!

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