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how to make ejmix

How to make EJmix?Sooner or later, medicinal hemp will be a standard product on store shelves. Then nobody will smoke anymore; the smoking joint will be a thing of the past. Precisely dosed tablets and drops are the future. If you want to in hale, you can use THC liquid in the vaporizer.

Cannabis e-liquids are a more discreet and simple alternative to get high, and they also taste incredible. Surely you would like to make your own marijuana e-liquid to enjoy it whenever you want. Take a look at this post by WeeDeeliver to know how to make EJmix.

Generally, an e-liquid (or vaping liquid) is a product that contains nicotine. But in the cannabis world, it has been put to another use. Some e-liquids contain THC and CBD, and terpenes accompany some.

The e-liquid is introduced into a vaporizer or electronic cigarette chamber and is heated to temperatures between 90 and 200° C.

If you want to vaporize CBD with EJmix effectively, the devices must be set at high temperatures between 160 – 180° C, while THC requires a lower temperature of around 157° C.

How to Make EJMix | From E-liquid to Cannabis

The best way to consume a medicinal herb with an EJmix is to prepare a maceration of this herb in a liquid suitable for the e-cig. The difference with a portable vaporizer is that it directly heats any herb or resin (dabber) to release its fluids and active ingredients in the form of vapor to inhale. If you use it with cannabis, you will get high, which is not recommended.

Electronic cigarettes work almost the same except that they vaporize e-liquid. This e-liquid can be neutral and contain only nicotine, which has no color or smell once vaporized. In America, you can only find cannabis-flavored e-liquid in the market (without THC).

How to Prepare Cannabis with EJMix?

How to make EJmix?

The first thing to look for is all the ingredients; you will need the following:

  • About 6 grams of buds
  • Food-grade propylene glycol, which you can get in some pharmacies
  • 5ml bottle with dropper, two glass jars, a cheesecloth (or coffee filter)
  • High-grade alcohol such as ethyl or ethanol
  • Baking paper, aluminum foil, and a casserole

What are the Steps to Make Cannabis with EJMix

  • Once you have obtained the materials, the next step is called decarboxylation and consists of converting the THCA (and CBDA) of the fresh bud into psychoactive THC (by heating the plant).
  • Start by placing the aluminum foil on a baking sheet, crush the bud, spread it all over the paper, and then bake at 110-120° C for 15 minutes. Later, once the marijuana is decarboxylated, place it in the glass jar.
  • Cover the plant with alcohol; remember that it is a flammable substance, so be careful while doing the process. Leave the jar open.
  • Fill the pot with 4cm of water; place the jar with the plant, and the alcohol inside (so that this substance does not heat up). Stir the mixture, and the alcohol will begin to extract the THC.
  • Evaporate the necessary amount of alcohol, leaving the bud submerged. Once some of the alcohol has evaporated, refill the jar to the same level as before.
  • Finally, filter the mixture you just prepared, add it to the other jar using cheesecloth or a coffee filter, squeeze all the bud so that all the alcohol comes out. Then boil it until only about 5ml of liquid remains, and add 20ml of propylene glycol.
  • The final e-liquid should be dark green, and you’re done.

Final Words

Preparing EJmix at home will give you greater peace of mind since you know what you are inhaling with each hit. Do you dare to do it?

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